Hello all,

Today was a very special day for not only us but the two young orphaned boys we built the house for. The house is done (with a few minor adjustments to the toilet to be completed Monday). Today was therefore “move-in day”. On our way to the house we stopped off at the market to buy a few house-warming gifts for the brothers. These included a good luck shrine (spirit house), two mango trees, a broom, 3 pots, cups, cutlery, 50kg of rice, stationery (including pens, pencils and exercise books), floor mats, wash buckets and a mosquito net. It was such a humbling experience for us to offer the house and our other gifts to the boys and see the joy and excitement in their eyes.

Three monks then proceeded to bless the house which was also very unique for us to see. Once the blessing ceremony was complete, we indulged in a feast put on by the local villagers. Proceeding this, a few words were spoken by all parties (in a few different languages).

Finally we were taken to a local pagoda where a monk blessed us, which included drenching us with ice-cold water. What a great way to end the last two weeks in Siem Reap.

A huge thanks to all those who helped this happen. Without your donations this wouldn’t have been possible. Lastly, we would like to thank the VBC crew for all of their help. The world is a better place because of people like you, so keep up the awesome work.

One last big thanks from Adrien, Joel, Ben, Todd and Kym