What Our Volunteers Are Saying...

I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people in my time there – locals and travellers and I left feeling inspired and that I had helped make a positive difference to the lives of the families that we built for. I loved all of it! It was everything and more than I hoped for.
Leigh Hatwell

New Zealand

If you’re looking to get a great understanding and immersion of Cambodian culture with making a genuine life altering impact to some of the poorest people on the planet, building an impoverished family their very own home with VBC was one of the best choices to make for making your time in Cambodia worthwhile. The deepest sense of appreciation you will ever experience whilst learning a new skill and having a great time!
Sal Bolton


It was such a privilege to volunteer with VBC. It is unimaginably amazing to have been part of the VBC team and to be able to build a house for a delightful family. A big thank you to Sinn and the team for looking after us so well and making our experience so special.

Kylie Freeman


On behalf of my group, I would like to say a massive thank you for your guidance and support throughout the entirety of  the project. We managed to build a house, learn the Cambodian culture and hopefully change some of the people’s lives; we are grateful you have given us the opportunity to do so. We will definitely treasure these experiences and memories. Thank you once again for being so helpful and welcoming.
This message also goes out to Dalin and the other volunteers and staff, who helped us during every process of the house build.

Caitlin Tjandra

St Joseph's Institution International School, Singapore

Helping building the house with VBC was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. It was wonderful to work as a team and see the progression of the house being built. It was a great achievement as it was hard work building and hammering all those nails in the heat but was definitely worth it! Such a brilliant experience.
Sarah Boazman


VBC is a great operation. Professional and fun, the staff and volunteers ensure the build goes smoothly. You will get so much from the experience – while at the same time you will change significantly the lives of people living in very basic conditions.

Mark Smith


I was a bit worried that I would be of no use because I have no carpentry skills. However, I soon found that with the help of the VBC team, Sinn, and the locals, it was easy to contribute.

Dominique Cook

Griffith University, Australia

I cannot speak highly enough about Sinn & the team at VBC, they made this a life changing experience. From our first communication to arriving and being given the run down on what to expect they are professional and passionate about helping the people of Cambodia. If you want a life changing experience contact VBC now.

Brendon Yardley

New Zealand

I, too, have had the pleasure of spending 7 very hot but very rewarding days of building a house for a very deserving family. Without a doubt the best thing I have done in my 52 years. If you have any chance to join these wonderful people to build a house for a poor family, jump at it. You will spend the rest of your years telling anyone who will listen how good it was.
Maree Sweeten

Geelong, Australia