What Our Volunteers Are Saying...

I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people in my time there – locals and travellers and I left feeling inspired and that I had helped make a positive difference to the lives of the families that we built for. I loved all of it! It was everything and more than I hoped for. Leigh Hatwell

New Zealand, November 2015

I have never had a more worthwhile experience. I loved the people the country and the work. I cannot wait to return which I will do when I raise the funds for a house and loo. Jo Sims

England , October 2015

It was such a privilege to volunteer with VBC. It is unimaginably amazing to have been part of the VBC team and to be able to build a house for a delightful family. A big thank you to Jason and Sinn for looking after us so well and making our experience so special. Kylie Freeman

Australia, September 2015

Helping building the house with VBC was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. It was wonderful to work as a team and see the progression of the house being built. It was a great achievement as it was hard work building and hammering all those nails in the heat but was definitely worth it! Such a brilliant experience. Sarah Boazman

England , August 2015

Volunteering at VBC was an amazing experience, I didn’t want to leave. I’m already planning my next trip back, I just have to sort out the how & when!! The VBC staff are friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable & made me feel welcome, and like a part of the family. The experience has changed my outlook on western society. There have been some challenges coming back to the fast paced lifestyle of city living!!! Looking forward to seeing you all again in the future! Cat Wells

EnAustralia, June 2015

A fantastic organisation doing great work for worthy Cambodian families with the help of international volunteers. Keep up the good work, VBC – can’t wait to come back again. I had the most amazing and rewarding time with you guys! Megan Myers

Australia, January 2015

I decided to volunteer for VBC, when I spent the usual 3 days of temple visiting in Siem Reap. I worked for a large global bank for 17 years and I felt I need to do something different, giving something back and sharing the experience of doing ‘something good’ with others. VBC was very swift in responding to my first mails and the organizational set-up was found quickly. A first very positive surprise. After arriving in Siem Reap I had a wonderful introductory interview, which helped me properly preparing with what I should expect. VBC was very straight forward: ‘Expect to sweat, get dirty and be tired after 4-5 hours of work’. And basically it was exactly like this. What VBC did not tell me: that volunteering for VBC will be such a valuable and eye- and mind-opening experience. Somehow a game-changer in my life. Work at the building site was tough but also fun and very satisfying. We built wooden houses for carefully selected poor families.

Seeing the families happy and thankful after the house completion was absolutely priceless. But it was not just the result that counts. I got to know wonderful people who all share the same passion: helping the poor people of Cambodia. VBC did a wonderful job in organizing everything. None of the people I met including myself had experience with house building. We were carefully introduced to every step, from measuring to chiseling, sawing and nailing. VBC guys were on the building site ensuring that everybody felt comfortable all the time, no one is being bored and work safety is ensured. I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable but enjoyed a wonderful satisfying feeling after finishing every day. My special thanks got to Sinn and Jason, who are such hard working but always happy guys and who make VBC a great experience for all volunteers and a game-changer for all the poor families we build houses for. If you want an experience for life, I would definitely volunteer for VBC. And I know for sure – as my famous Austrian countryman Arnold Schwarzenegger once said – ‘I’ll be back’. Michael Krinner

Switzerland , December 2014

I, too, have had the pleasure of spending 7 very hot but very rewarding days of building a house for a very deserving family. Without a doubt the best thing I have done in my 52 years. If you have any chance to join these wonderful people to build a house for a poor family, jump at it. You will spend the rest of your years telling anyone who will listen how good it was. Maree Sweeten

Geelong, Australia , June 2014

The VBC group were fantastic hosts, and very organized. Our group has a great time building a house, meeting the locals and learning about Cambodian culture. Kimberly Davis

Australia, June 2015

Building with VBC was very enjoyable, although it as tiring at times. As none of us were familiar with tools, this was a new experience for us. We learnt a lot through our experience, how to appreciate the many blessings we have and how heart-warming it is to give back to society. The smiles on the faces of the villagers was our main motivation to continue. Their joy was priceless. The VBC team took care of us very well, making sure we knew what we were doing as well as making sure we were not dehydrated. They also explained the needs of the families and the importance of the house we were building for them to us very well, allowing us to understand their hardships and making it more of a meaningful experience for us. I hope to come back perhaps for a longer period of time to help out these less privileged families in the near future. Joanne

Singapore, October 2015

Highly recommend VBC for absolutely anybody! Great experience with lots of hands on work, yet plenty of time for rest. Johnny Van Der Wielen

Australia, September 2015

If you’re looking to get a great understanding and immersion of Cambodian culture with making a genuine life altering impact to some of the poorest people on the planet, building an impoverished family their very own home with VBC was one of the best choices to make for making your time in Cambodia worthwhile. The deepest sense of appreciation you will ever experience whilst learning a new skill and having a great time! Sal Bolton

England , July 2015

Volunteering for VBC really opened my eyes to how lucky I am to have been born in a developed country; so being able to give a family the gift of a house (something I have always taken for granted) has made a lasting mark on me, and I definitely will be returning to volunteer again (for a lot longer next time!). The overall experience was one I will cherish; Everything from the building, to the house blessings, to the water blessing, to the feeling of accomplishment, to the people I met, to the places I saw, to the overall growth I’ve felt as a person since coming home, is incredible, and I would recommend volunteering to anyone. And VBC are definitely the people to speak to. Sinn and Jason are two of the nicest people you will ever meet, and they put their heart and soul into making a difference to people’s lives. Just as week in, week out they make a difference to people’s lives, I also had the time of my life! 🙂 Daniel McBride

Scotland, June 2015

The time I spent with Volunteer Building Cambodia was a great experience and I can’t wait to go again. Mr Sinn and his team really know what they are doing. Every day we started on time and went straight to work, helping to build for a family that was in need. It was clear that the whole team at Volunteer Building Cambodia was plugged into the local community and also well connected with other volunteer groups in Siem Reap. Not only is their heart in the right place, but they know how to bring help specifically to where it is needed the most. I went home knowing that we made a difference and that I had chosen the right group to work with, which is why I am looking forward to the next time! Hope to see you soon! Mark Vanderkolk

Singapore, June 2014

Being able to build a house for a family in need in such a short space of time. It was made more enjoyable with the other volunteers! Khushaali Amin

England , August 2015

Working with Mr Sinn and VBC was an experience we will never forget… From the start we immediately felt like part of a larger family, all with a shared purpose to make a difference in the lives of those who truly need it. Our time spent participating in this project really gave us the opportunity not only to experience the true culture of Cambodia but also to learn about the country’s difficult past and of the struggles that are still prevalent today… The atmosphere within the group was wonderful and we genuinely looked forward to the early morning starts and seeing Mr Sinn’s friendly face! We were always encouraged to get involved in all aspects which also meant learning traditional Khmer building techniques… As a group of three graduates who are travelling SE Asia for a few months, it has been the highlight of the trip for each of us in many different ways. We very much hope to remain in contact and will surely see you again, Mr Sinn! Natasha, Sophie & Katie

England, June 2014

I cannot speak highly enough about Sinn & the team at VBC, they made this a life changing experience. From our first communication to arriving and being given the run down on what to expect they are professional and passionate about helping the people of Cambodia. If you want a life changing experience contact VBC now. Brendon Yardley

New Zealand, October 2015

VBC are a great operation. Professional and fun, the staff and volunteers ensure the build goes smoothly. You will get so much from the experience – while at the same time you will change significantly the lives of people living in very basic conditions. Mark Smith

Australia, September 2015

Visiting Cambodia? Would you like to make a difference to the daily life of a family or families who are living a subsistence lifestyle with inadequate housing, minimal income and very little or no chance of changing their dire situation? Are you good with your hands, have great hand eye co-ordination, enjoy being part of a team, still want some time to explore, love to laugh and are happiest when you are working up a sweat?

Then Volunteer Building Cambodia is for you. VBC is a fabulous NGO run by Mr Sinn and Jason providing housing for families in need. The family members will work beside you and assist in the build over the course of the 2-6 days until completion. As I was working with the mother of my house project not a word would be spoken between us (me no Khmer and she no English), but together we knew how to complete our set task and share a giggle and smile. I had to very graciously accept the humbled shy look from beautiful sparkling dark eyes that expressed her utmost gratitude to our team for building her a new home. Her family of 7 now had a waterproof roof, a house that would stand tall in the wet season and in addition a well and toilet were to follow.

Don’t like getting dirty, being part of a team, having a laugh or sharing a task non-verbally? No problem – you can still make a difference. Fundraising monies are used to purchase the materials to complete the build so this is the job for you.

Words cannot express what an absolute joy it was to be a volunteer for VBC. From the 7am pick up to the midday drop off I can guarantee you will feel appreciated, be treated with utmost respect, be given detailed instruction and leave each day in awe of how much your team has achieved in a few hours. To see the joy on the family’s face at the end of each day and at the house blessing is a picture that will be engrained with you forever and one that I know you will not forget – no camera required. Sue Clifford

Melbourne, Australia , March 2015

Loved watching our teenagers interacted the Cambodian builders and family. They had a great time and will remember for the rest of their lives. Karen Dow

Australia, September 2015

I write this message to share my experience with Volunteer Building Cambodia during the month of June 2014. I came to Siem Reap as, I guess, many people do, thinking of visiting the Angkor Temples… That was more than 3 weeks ago and I am still here. And what kept me here till now is not the temples, but meeting the people that I met, and volunteering with VBC. When I think about Siem Reap I think about the beautiful, fulfilling experience I have had (hasn’t finished yet in fact!!) volunteering with VBC. Now when I go back home to Argentina, I’m looking forward to tell my family and friends about the beautiful experience I had here building a beautiful house, meeting amazing people from different backgrounds, ages and nationalities and working together, meeting the family, Sinn, Jason, Bunthourn… I can’t find words to express my feelings about all this, but I can just say that here in Siem Reap I feel so happy, I feel useful, appreciated… I was feeling so happy to wake up at 6am and go working with my friends that I decided to extend my stay here instead of travelling to Laos, or anywhere else. It’s all about people I guess… And I can say that I feel connected in many ways to quite a lot of people here, in a human and beautiful way… Doing something beautiful, not for obligation, not because we “have to”, just because we “choose to”, just because we want to give something… And it’s incredibly beautiful, and out of my comprehension seeing the happiness in the family, Sopheak (their beautiful daughter), the mum, etc. They’re so happy, so grateful… It feels so good to give something, to do something for someone and not expect to receive a reward, a material reward… But let’s not deceive ourselves…. We receive the biggest reward, I don’t have any doubt about that; we give something, but we receive sooo much!!!! So much love, so much appreciation, we receive friendship, we get to have a meaning, we learn from the simplicity and happiness of Khmer people… We put a little, beautiful, pure-hearted grain to sow in the ground… And we reap happiness for ourselves, for others…. This is my experience volunteering here with Sinn, Jason, Bunthourn and friends at VBC. So if you are considering this volunteer experience and you are not too sure about it, please let me tell you…. Give it a go, you won’t regret it!!!!! Martin Ascolani

Argentina, June 2014