As so often happens with Cambodia, this story started with a holiday and turned into a long love affair. The Lazzeri family – like many before them – came to Cambodia on vacation and fell in love with the country and it’s beautiful people. That one trip inspired them to give some of their heart to Cambodia.

“During our visit, we saw how in need a lot of the citizens of Cambodia are and (we) wanted to find a way to help them,” Mr Lazzeri says.

When they returned to the United States, Mr Lazzeri asked his step-daughter to do some research on ways they could provide some support to families in need. Through her research she found Volunteer Building Cambodia.

So, in 2016 the Lazzeris decided to fund the building of one house, one well and one toilet through VBC to support a family in need.

They thought it was so successful that in 2017, they decided to increase their support and funded three houses, three toilets and three wells. Again, they thought it was a success.

This year, they shared even more love with Cambodian people and they have funded five houses, five toilets and five wells.

They requested that the houses were all close together and have asked us to name the area Virginia’s Village, which VBC is more than happy to do.

“I believe it takes a village to raise a family and we wanted to help bring some unity to the families,” Mr Lazzeri explains.

“This village is in memory of my mother, Virginia. She was a strong and very caring woman who was always helping others. By creating this village and naming it after her, she is still able to help others even though she is no longer with us.”

The Lazzeri’s have a small family business, which is helping to fund the building of houses, toilets and wells.

They have not been here to take part in any of the house builds but we hope that one day they will be able to join us in building a house or at least come back and visit Virginia’s Village and the families who have benefitted from their generosity.

“We all, as human beings, need to see people for who they are; not by the colour of their skin, their race, their religion or anything else,” Mr Lazzeri says.

“We need to see them as people trying to survive and live in peace together in this world. We hope that by providing these donations that we can aid in that survival.”

From the VBC family to the Lazzeri family – thank you so much! Your big hearts are changing lives.